Self-reflection. Self-reflection is that little voice inside our head that tells us when we look in the mirror that we do not look right. That we are not the right size or shape. That our freckles are not sexy. That our skin is either not dark enough or is too dark to adhere to our idea of perfect.

‘Perfect’. Say it out loud; ‘perfect’. What does it even mean? The air brushed, thinned out people you see on covers of fashion magazines? People who have been modified to such an extent they no longer look like themselves. No longer look real and whose identity is no longer their own?

Where does self-esteem fit in this picture? It doesn’t; self-esteem has been lost and is ignored. It has almost become taboo to be confident in oneself and to be happy with your body the way it is.

This needs to stop.

self-esTEEm is a t-shirt campaign designed to remind people that they are special. No matter how you feel about yourself, you are unique, individual, beautiful and special. Our shirts send an inspirational and confidence boosting message to the wearer whenever they look in the mirror. Throughout the day, whenever they catch a glimpse of their reflection in a mirror or a window, they will be reminded that they are amazing, that they are beautiful and that they are worth it.


Our first t-shirt campaign relied on a crowd funding t-shirt website called Teespring. This website will provide a platform for people to pledge money towards our cause by purchasing one of our first t-shirts. The campaign was a success and we are thinking ahead to our next ‘blue’ campaign, but people can still buy the red t-shirts if they want one. Have a look on the blog for details.

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