3 Days to Go… (and a bit of good news)

So what can I say? In three days’ time we will be launching our first t-shirt campaign into the big wide world! EEK!


As I promised in yesterday’s post, I have some news regarding the campaign to share with you all! Something we haven’t made public yet is that we will be donating a certain percentage of the profit from our first campaign to two charities; one in the UK and one in Australia.

The bad news is that every charity I have contacted in the UK has quite obviously ignored my attempts at conversation – we shall keep trying! If you have any ideas, please let us know!!

The good news, however, is that we had a response from someone from an Australian charitable foundation called The Butterfly Foundation who have told us that they are happy to help get the project off the ground support us with our evolution. This is AMAZING news! Thank you so much for agreeing to help, Butterfly! If you have a few minutes, please be sure to check out their website.

Another bit of fun news is Twitter related; after seeing Alexander Armstrong on Good Morning Britain talking about depression, awareness of the illness and the Carlie Waller Memorial Trust, I thought I would try contacting him on Twitter asking him to have a look at the self-esTEEm campaign. Considering both Jeremy and I have struggled with depression and that is one of the reasons we originally set up this campaign, I thought it would be relevant.

Usually when I tweet people with the link to this project they ignore me, so it was nice when Alexander Armstrong actually replied and wished us luck with our shirts!


This is the end of today’s update! We hope to have some more news for you by tomorrow (I’ll have to pester some more people tonight!). As always, we rely on your kind support and hope you can share this link with your friends!

Thanks from the self-esTEEm team.


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