T Minus 0 days and LAUNCH

We have lift off!!

I am very happy to announce that our first ever self-esTEEm t-shirt campaign is up and running! We have just 21 days to reach our goal of getting pledges for 100 t-shirts (and here’s hoping we go above that!). We have t-shirts and hoodies available on the website which can be found here and remember, no money will leave your bank until the campaign goal is 100% covered, so there is no risk to your hard earned cash.


As ever though, we cannot achieve our goal without your help – if you like our campaign, please help spread the word on social media websites and we will be eternally grateful.

We will be giving 20% of our profits from this campaign to body confidence charities – 10% to one in the UK and 10% to one in Australia. We have a charity in mind for Australia – if you have any ideas regarding a UK charity, please let us know!


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