Getting there!

Well, after a little bit of a rethink we decided it would be best to lower the goal again, this time to 20. Surely this can’t fail! We have 17 pledges already and over four days to go before the end of our pledge.

17 of 20

So at this point we would like to ask you a favour; please share this campaign with your friends on social media and in real life. We cannot achieve this without your help. We also owe a massive thank you to all of you who have already pledged and shared this campaign with others. We are indebted to you!

Please remember that the prices on the campaign website are in dollars. The price for a t-shirt will be approximately £15 including the postage. Postage price is less per item if you order more than one garment.

Any questions, don’t be scared to ask; we won’t bite.


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