The self-esTEEm Campaign at London Film and Comic Convention

Last weekend I attended London Film and Comic Convention; luckily my self-esTEEm campaign order arrived just in time (as did Michael and Luke’s orders) so I could take them with me to the city.


A massive thank you to Michael who wore his shirt during the weekend. Picture with Jamie Bamber, actor known for his role as Lee Adama in Battlestar Galactica (as well as other roles).


Luke wore his tee too. Picture with Michael Madsen, actor.


I (Holly) wore my t-shirt for all of my photos over the weekend. My favourite has to be this picture with Lena Headey – I know her from the film ‘Imagine You & Me’ but these days she is best known for her role as Cersei in Game of Thrones.

I did notice that whenever people saw the t-shirt it seemed to catch their attention – which is part of the aim to begin with. I wasn’t wearing it long enough for people to ask why the writing was backwards (although Anthony Head did wonder); maybe next time.


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