Testimonial – Michael

I’ve suffered from low self-esteem since the age of 13 as a result of bullying while at secondary school. I was never considered “cool” enough at school since I was not wearing the latest trainers nor did I wear the latest fashions. This went on for a couple of years and this was to have a profound impact upon the way I would see myself in the future.

Michael with Stan Lee at London Film and Comic Convention, July 2014

Michael with Stan Lee at London Film and Comic Convention, July 2014

I have become so self conscious about the way I look that sometimes it becomes too much for me. When buying clothes I am always second guessing myself, asking myself what others will think of me if I was to buy a certain top etc. Over the years as I have become older I have put on some weight and this has only intensified the way I see myself.

My friends and family have always supported me, they have always accepted me for who I am and not what I look like or how I perceive myself. This support has always given me strength and over the years I have tried very hard not to allow myself doubt or lack of confidence to overwhelm me.

When I became aware of the self-esTEEm campaign through my friend Holly it instantly appealed to me. For too long I have worried about what others have thought of me and whether I am liked or not. The idea of the campaign is a simple one, to remind yourself how special you are and it doesn’t matter what others may think of you, it’s what you think about yourself that really matters.

I am really proud to support the self-esTEEm campaign whether it’s through wearing the t-shirts, spreading the word or by telling the others how this is helping me to believe in myself. You know what? It’s good to be me!


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