Rebooted t-shirt campaign!

Up and running!

I’ve had some time to think about how I’m going to take this project forward – it would be such a shame to give up on it now; I’ve spent so much energy getting the project together that I don’t want to see it amount to nothing now!

I’ve re-started the red ‘you are amazing’ t-shirt campaign; this is the last time that these shirts will be available as I will be moving on to other designs in different colours with other slogans, so if you want to get your hands on the original self-esTEEm campaign shirts, this is your chance!

As ever, a percentage of the profit made from these shirts will be donated to Body Gossip, a wonderful charity which goes around schools talking to young people about body positivity, they do great work and I’d love to help them out by donating.

To check out the new campaign, please click on the image below. We only need two more pre-orders for the campaign to tip – please consider joining in!


Thank you for looking 🙂


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