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Spreadshirt Store – Launched!

Well, here we go! As promised we have set up an easy to use and hassle free website for the purchase of our products through a company called Spreadshirt. Unfortunately Teespring was not the best option for producing these shirts due to their pledging system which also meant that there was a long wait before t-shirts were printed and delivered.

Our Spreadshirt Storefront

Our Spreadshirt Storefront

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Our Featured Charity; Body Gossip

We are proud to be able to tell you that we now have an official featured charity; Body Gossip! Body Gossip (BG) campaigns through Arts and Education to empower every body to be the best version of themselves and rock their own brand of gorgeous, and we at the self-esTEEm campaign are proud to say that we will be donating 10% of our profits to this wonderful confidence boosting team.

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Getting there!

Well, after a little bit of a rethink we decided it would be best to lower the goal again, this time to 20. Surely this can’t fail! We have 17 pledges already and over four days to go before the end of our pledge.

17 of 20

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We’ve had a blog up for a while now – we’ve been relentlessly promoting on social media platforms, been pestering friends and we’re in the process of discussing collaboration with charitable foundations. Fingers crossed we’ll get somewhere with this! It would be a shame if this campaign didn’t succeed!

Here is a map of all the countries from which people have visited this blog;

self-esTEEm stats

We are a worldwide campaign and as such we’d be grateful if you could share information about this campaign – whichever country you have to be in – with your friends, family and anyone else you think might be interested!

A big thank you from the self-esTEEm team to all of you who have already looked at and shared this campaign.