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Testimonial – Nicki

As soon as I saw the self-esTEEm campaign I knew I had to wear one of the shirts. It’s a fantastic idea, and creates a talking point with other people. I don’t even mind them staring at my chest when I know they want to ask “What does that say?” The answer raises a shared smile and most people wish they could wear one themselves, or certainly know someone else they’d like to buy one for. And it’s not to point the finger at another individual’s vulnerability; the intention is to empower.


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Testimonial – Donna

At some point in my life (but very early on) I decided that I wasn’t ‘enough’ of anything. I wasn’t pretty enough, smart enough, slim enough, creative enough, likeable enough, able enough. These thoughts plagued me throughout my life, taking me down paths I shouldn’t have been on, leading me away from all of the things I’d ever wanted.


Donna and her self-esTEEm t-shirt

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Testimonial – Michael

I’ve suffered from low self-esteem since the age of 13 as a result of bullying while at secondary school. I was never considered “cool” enough at school since I was not wearing the latest trainers nor did I wear the latest fashions. This went on for a couple of years and this was to have a profound impact upon the way I would see myself in the future.

Michael with Stan Lee at London Film and Comic Convention, July 2014

Michael with Stan Lee at London Film and Comic Convention, July 2014

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Getting there!

Well, after a little bit of a rethink we decided it would be best to lower the goal again, this time to 20. Surely this can’t fail! We have 17 pledges already and over four days to go before the end of our pledge.

17 of 20

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