Throughout history, we have always cared about how we appear to others. Hair styles, fashionable clothes, ornaments, personal scent. However, in recent years with influence by the extensive media, our vision of “beautiful” has altered from something personal to something near unattainable without the help of clever digital altering.

I was a shy, introverted person for most of my younger life. I suffered depression, which was mostly untreated, and I was far from skinny. My confidence and self-esteem fell; I felt invisible everywhere I went. This affected everything in my life – friendships, relationships, school work. It wasn’t until I decided to make a change in myself that I could build my confidence, and develop that self-esteem. And through the efforts of the ‘self-esTEEm Project’, I want to bring what I’ve learnt from my struggles to the world. I want every single person to know they have the greatest gift in the world that they can give themselves and they just don’t know it yet – belief in yourself!

I am one of the minds behind the “self-esTEEM project.



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