T-shirt Styles and Campaign Details

Hi guys!

Well, we have 16 days to get 100 pledges towards our t-shirts! This is both exciting and terrifying at the same time, but we are determined that we are going to make a success of this! Please click here to pledge and reserve your shirt or hoodie!

First I’d like to share a little bit of info regarding Teespring;

  • Your account will NOT be charged for your order until the campaign is over. If the campaign has not reached ‘tipping point’ (ie when we receive 100 or more pledges) the t-shirts will not be printed and you will not be charged at all. So please get your order in as soon as possible!
  • There are different styles of shirts and a hoodie option. If you’ve got questions, please ask!!!
  • Don’t forget that this is a worldwide campaign; Teespring.com does international shipping! Even with the cost of shipping, a tee will cost you under £16 and it will be delivered to your door.
  • International shipping is $10.50 for your first item and $1 per extra item. You might want to consider combining orders with friends in order to save on postage.

Don’t forget that 20% of the profit from sales of these shirts will be going to charity; 10% to a charity in the UK (yet to be chosen) and 10% to a charitable foundation in Australia, The Butterfly Foundation.

In our first campaign, esteem1, there are 4 different t-shirt styles and a hoodie all of which sport our unique backwards slogan. For this campaign the shirts are red and the slogan reads ‘you are amazing’. You can see pics of the different products below! The ‘Canvas Ringspun V-Neck’ shirt at the bottom is a unisex fit.

womens round tee basic tee hoodie long sleeve tee v neck tee


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